Here at COSoM, we have over 35 combined years of experience in Metalworking

Our Mission


Our mission is to have you creatively explore the awesome experience of hands on crafting and creating something that will last forever.

COSoM makes learning and fun in a variety of metal arts.

Forge your Future!

Cosom will show you how


Adlai has competed
on the hit TV series
Forged In Fire

With shows like Forged in Fire and Master Craftsman, interest is growing in blacksmithing, metalwork and DIY. COSoM teaches blacksmithing and metalworking skills to all levels of hobbyists and professionals through group classes and private instruction.

COSoM works with the developmentally and physically disabled, to give them an opportunity to explore metalwork and experience DIY and craft. COSoM has several work stations for blacksmithing, jewelry-making, welding, casting and more.